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'cc:' (Re: Cloning of objects) (debunk-myth '(debunk-myth '(<-efficien (debunk-myth '(debunk-myth '(<-efficient gc malloc/free))) (no subject) ---Please Read This--- 2nd CfP: "Workshop on OOP and models of concurrency '95" 2nd CFP: ECOOP'95, PhD students workshop 64 bits Integers in BETA : Distributed BETA: components and remotables incompatible? A Coule of Questions on Persistence in Beta a few basic questions ADA EUROPE'95 CONFERENCE Adding methods without renaming the class Adding methods without renaming the class (was Re: What's wrong with this picture?) An Interesting 15 Question Survey -- Has ended Announcement: 1994 comp.lang.beta archive available via ftp Announcement: JSSST ISOTAS '96 asynchronous communication BASIC EXECUTER....!!!!! BatOS Virtual Operating System Announcement BETA BETA activities at ECOOP'95 beta activities at ECOOP'95 Beta Beer Needed BETA beer needed Beta example (Was: Pointers to classes?) BETA for m$-dos or wind*ws BETA for Macintosh Beta for Ms-Windows ? BETA for the Mac Beta for Win95 ! When ? Beta MacEnv Question BETA MacEnv useful? Beta programming with MacEnv BETA questions Beta syntax (was Re: Cows, Hogs & Farms) Beta Tutorial in Darmstadt (in German) BETA-Syntax (Pattern variable and component). boolean checking CALL FOR PAPERS - MAJOR NEW ONLINE OBJECT JOURNAL - SIGS/BOB HATHAWAY Call for Participation, IWMM'95, Memory Management Call: TAPOS issue on Subjectivity in OO Systems CFC ECOOP '96 (Linz, Austria) Cloning of objects Cluster -- wsa Re: Cows, Hogs & Farms combining interpreted and compiled beta Constants in Beta copy (clone) an object with references copy (clone) of objects with references ? Copy protection module for software developers Cows, Hogs & Farms Data on secondary storage ECOOP'95 ECOOP'95 BETA activities ECOOP'95 Exhibition ECOOP'95 Preliminary programme ECOOP'95 Train Algorithm slides ECOOP'95: error in tutorial submission date ECOOP'95: Travel information Eiffel at Universities and High Schools Exec-like call Experience on embedded systems FAQ: BETA Programming Language (version 1.5 - 31 Jan 95) FAQ: BETA Programming Language (version 1.6 - 19 May 95) FAQ: BETA Programming Language (version 1.6 - 21 Mar 95) Final alpha test of BETA for WintNT/Win95 Final CFP: ECOOP'95 workshop for PhD students Final CFP: ECOOP'95: European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, August 7-11, 1995 Final Program - TOOLS USA 95 Fwd: polymorphism Gateway news->mail fixed Globals & External C Lib Graph library for Beta Hackers of the world! HELP! Happy Holidays Hello Gorgeous ! How to Get Free Cable Premium TV .. LEGIT How to kill a PID chain? How to obtain a ref. to current _component_ obj.? How Unsubscribe? Immediate constructs (Was: Re: Recursive, double INNER) Is Bifrost still being actively developed? Just add water (from the OUTER space)! Liberty BASIC for OS/2 beta list about object-oriented methodologies Mathematical proving ! Merry Xmas Metaprogramming System Mjolner Informatics on WWW Mjolner System Manual Where ? Multiple Inheritance (was Re: Has C++ had its day?) nested patterns and leave/restart News delays News from mail Newsgroup Charter? No news?? Obsolete features OODBMS OOPSLA'95 Electronic Hotline operator + in BETA ? Oracle of Man apology overload + in BETA Overriding procedural patterns Part objects Pattern variables PDES / Concurrency in the BETA Language Personal Edition of the Mjolner BETA System PhDOOS: (Fwd) call for articles for IEEE Software PhDOOS: CFP: FMOODS96 (Formal Methods for Open Object-based Distributed polymorphism Problem with gateway Problem with gateway (again) Problems getting started on the Mac - HELP! problems with fragment system / compiler Protected in BETA ? Question about regexpr. Questions about Mjolner BETA Rapid Prototyping + statically-typed OOPLs? Re-Two question about assignment Recursive, double INNER Reminder: Demos at ECOOP'95. Research on Beta Research Student Wanted SAVE TAX DOLLARS!!! Save Your Computer! SDNB Newsletter for Shareware Authors Sub Class generates linker error Teaching BETA Templates test test - ignore test do not read Test, please ignore The plasticity of the BETA language the plasticity of the BETA language Threads in programming languages Two question on assignement Type checking, safety and templates unsubscribe unusual inner Use of Eiffel (Was: Re: What's wrong with this picture?) gatewayed to comp.lang.beta Using C Libraries in Beta Value patterns in BETA? What's wrong with this picture? Where can i find Quick basic programms Where the name BETA comes from (was Re: BETA questions) Which is the best language to learn? Workshop on ASIS for Ada 95 Workshop on GNAT, the GNU NYU Ada 95 compiler YOO HOO! Anyone out there? [reminder] CFC ECOOP '96 Linz, Austria
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