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*** Q: WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ON THE NET ? *test ANNOUNCE: Emacs 19 menu for BETA mode ANNOUNCE: Emacs Hilit19 mode for BETA ANNOUNCE: Emacs mode for BETA Announcement: BETA Language Introduction on WWW Announcement: Mjolner BETA System tutorial on WWW BETA and X-Windows (was: Re: LISP and X-Windows) BETA at Object World Germany 94 BETA Exhibition at OOPSLA '94 BETA Language Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) BETA syntax question Beta vs Eiffel? BIN Book on object-oriented typing systems BORING newsgroup! :) C++ Case Sensitive Identifiers Case sensitive identifiers (was Re: Why can't we have ... ?) CFP IWMM'95, Intl Workshop on Memory Management comp.lang.beta oprettet Comparison: Beta - Lisp Curry dsd Error Message Questionnaire (Re-Post) FAQ: BETA Programming Language FAQ: BETA Programming Language (version 1.3 - 17 Oct 94) FAQ: BETA Programming Language (version 1.4 - 13 Dec 94) FORTRAN to programming flowchart Genericity in BETA ? How is the OODBMS coming along? How much does a BETA package cost? How much does Linux BETA cost? Identifier case-sensitivity (was Re: Why can't we have ... ?) Information hiding in Beta (was Re: BORING newsgroup! :)) Is Beta For Real? Joint Modular Languages Conference Language Definition Standard? Lexical Analyzer for Beta Looking for Info on BETA Mac Configuration ? Mature garbage collection in BETA Menu mode for xemacs method dispatch ? Mjolner BETA future Need history of Object Oriented Prog New entries on the BETA Home Pages new to Beta On why BETA does not have multiple inheritance OOPSLA Demonstration OOPSLA Tutorial: Programming in BETA OOPSLA'95 Electronic Hotline post FAQ on Beta? Reorganization of WWW Home Page Research Help Needed Restricting enter parameter types in Subclasses Something like computed names in BETA ? TEST!! unsafe virtual patterns? vs. Perl Pattern Matching Welcome to comp.lang.beta what is a pattern? Why can't we have ... ? Why inheritance is bad (was: Re: On why BETA...)
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