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!!!!BETA TESTERS WANTED!!!!! (no subject) *** BETA TESTERS WANTED! *** 1995 comp.lang.beta archive 64 bits Integers in BETA Ambiguous vs. unambiguous grammar (was Re: Adding methods without renaming the class (was ...)) Ast overflow when compiling large files Asymetrix Embraces KaiZenWare Automatic Software Distribution beta testers required B*-Tree and other databases Become beta tester and recieve free product! BETA and Database BETA at OOPSLA'96 BETA Compiler for Linux 68K (especially Amiga) BETA for MS Windows Beta for NetBSD 1.1 (Amiga) or Linux (Amiga) ? BETA formal spec available? BETA on Windows 95 with Cygnus gcc? Beta Testers Needed Beta with Win95/NT. C++?? Critique available in HTML WEB format CALL FOR PAPERS - MAJOR NEW ONLINE OBJECT JOURNAL - SIGS/BOB HATHAWAY CFP Joint Modular Languages Conference 1997 CFP: 6th ECOOP WS for PhD Students CFP: ECOOP'96 Educator's Symposium Cheap Web Space with Extras Comp.Object FAQ - New Site & Call For Updates/Entries Comp.Object FAQ Version 1.0.9 (04-02) Announcement Computer nerd's insight wanted for magazine article constant & private attributes Could Someone Please Post Instructions ... DEMO EFLIB - free OOP toolkit ERROR: JUNK MAIL POSTED!!! euphoria to c++/c translator Example projects needef exception in BETA EXOTIC DESTINATION EXPERT SPORTS ANALYSTS Experts Wanted!! Experts Wanted!! ExternalRecord FAQ: BETA Programming Language (version 1.7 - 05 Feb 96) FAQ: BETA Programming Language (version 1.8 - 13 Aug 96) Fragment system FREE registration in over 400 indexes! Fwd: polymorphism Gazelle(TM) Applet Developer Pre-Release For Win95/NT/Win32 Global Variables guienv: change font on a static text. Hello! hilit19 til emacs How to immediately compile/load patterns How to read Parameters? How to use Tcl/Tk/Tix with BETA and Windows 95 ?! I've some Visual Basic Problems!!!!! PLEASE HELP ILU Information on Mjolner's email address Initialization in BETA inserted imperatives as enter and exit code International Javascript sites internet bots Is your computer being bugged???? ISOTAS '96 (Mar. 11 - 15) announcement (updated) Java and Beta JMLC'97 Call for Participation Just try this, it will work Just try this, it will work: PLEASE STOP! Linker program (etc) for Windows 95 / WinNT ? Linux (elf) and Beta Linux (elf) and BETA 5.0 Lock Individual Files Software Available Looking for Programmers/IMS people Luxembourg-based start-up seeks development team members Macintosh Mailing List Metaclasses in Beta Missing crt0.o in Linux Mjolner BETA System available for Windows 95 / NT Modified Deadlines: CfP 6th ECOOP Workshop for PhD students Multidimensional Repetitions (arrays) New Eiffel development system released NEW gateway test - please ignore NEW test, please ignore New web browser needs beta testers! New web editor needs Beta testers! News from mail NO SUBJECT Notice: Free PGP shell available for easy, private communications OBJECT CURRENTS - *FREE* MAJOR NEW ON-LINE OBJECT-ORIENTED JOURNAL!!! Object Currents - ANNOUNCEMENT/CALL FOR PAPERS- Free New Journal Object Currents - CALL FOR PAPERS/ANNOUNCEMENT - Free New Journal OBJECT CURRENTS - Free New Monthly WWW Journal - Many New Issues OBJECT CURRENTS - Free New Monthly WWW Journal - MANY NEW ISSUES Object Currents - Free New WWW Journal - Announcement/Call For Papers Online Manuals for Meta Programming System? OO languages that don't support multiple inheritence Out of memory Paper on BETA distributed object system ? Parsing Systems Implemented in OO Paradigms Part Objects Pattern names- how to get? PersistentObjekt.close PhDOOS: CFP: OOPLSA '96 [ #3850] PhDOOS: Summer internships @ PARC Please take minute to read this. polymorphism Post Doc position in persistent and distributed objects PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE (WRITING SOFTWARE PROGRAMS(FOR ANY TASTE)) Q: checking for pending events. Racist newsgroup proposal alert! Redefinition of attributes in BETA (Q) Revised CFP: ECOOP'96 Workshop on Prototype Based OOP - 9 July 1996 sff Simula Reference Sorry: I had to try it! Starting GNUPlot from BETA Strange Times subscribe Sun Microsystems WorkShop System Development Survey test Test - Please ignore test IGNORE test message - please ignore Test, please ignore test, please ignore The Future (if any) and BETA The plasticity of the BETA language The signes, sizes and Endianness of Basic pattern THIS and COMPONENTs Thought of the day.. TOOLS EUROPE CFP REPOST (Paris, 12-15 May 1997) TOOLS USA workshops and panels (Santa Barbara, 27 July-2 August) UNION in BETA unsubscribe urgent help with beta end elf needed VB Spell Checker Visual Eiffel for Windows 95/NT to be released What Should An Exception Handling Do? What Should An Exception Handling Do? -- Clarification of rules [++] Re: Parsing Systems Implemented in OO Paradigms [??] Reference check (Simula) [CFP] ECOOP '96, Linz (Austria) [Q] Unique names [Q]GuiEnv canvas.scan
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