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"WHAT’S THAT ROTTEN SMELL IN PHOENIX?"...We need your help! $$$$$$ GREAT MONEY $$$$$$$$ ** New Site Annoucement ***My Boot Manager 2.7 Beta 3 is OUT!*** .shp, .shx, .dbf file conversion. help ! 12.jpg (0/1) 12.jpg (1/1) 1998 comp.lang.beta archive now available 64 bit integers and Unicode strings 64 bit signed ints like in Java, long long as in C =?iso-8859-1?Q?The_Mj=F8lner_System_-_Release_5.0_available!?= @Window in SLOTS ? A new successful marketing: Access violation when using arrays? Again a question about ^text [Incompatible types of binary operator] ANN: make your app's manual or your app's site quickly! Are you my heart's desire? 12693 AVI with sound AW: BETA, Linux and Pixmaps... AW: Problems with adjusting text! AW: Problems with Slackware 2.0.36 Beginner at work: two dimensional value-based array generic BETA : what's it? (FAQ etc... ) Beta and GTK ? BETA and I/O BETA does not support Quicktime 4 Beta for BeOS ? beta for Linux / KDE beta mode for emacs BETA, Linux and Pixmaps... beta-font-lock.el-0.22 released Beta/Mjolner versus Relational Databases BetaEnv and SystemEnv BETART Environment Variable on Windows? Bifrost... Brand New MUSIC Call for Papers - TOOLS Europe 2000 Cannot copy NONE? Cetus Links page "BETA" updated Checking keyboard buffer Coffee MLM compiling to 16-bit OS? Computer productivity software Concurrency and Processmanager Curry Demo of new interaction methods at OOPSLA'99 Design by Contract Seminar Series Disney vacation 6723 ECOOP 2000 Announcement/Call for Contribution Error on RedHat6 Faculty position at Aarhus University FORK FAILURE: Only newly created systems may be forked. Free classified ads FREE daily porn FREE SOFTWARE 9159 FREE XXX SEX PICTURES FOR YOU! 5178 FTP with BETA GamesBasic - New >FREE< Programming Language Garbage Collector vs. cStruct, ExternalRecord, @@ gbeta-0.8 available (An advanced OO pgm. language, GPL) Get Noticed!! Get Your Company Online With Your Own Web Domain! GPL guienv and arguments GUIENVSYSTEMENV and SYSTEMENV includes gives a LINKER ERROR Have it all, Have it now 5060 How to color an object? How to do low level stuff How to make a Styled text out of Text? How write formal specifications? Hundredth part of a second? Is Beta a statically typed language? Is it possible to create the COM/DCOM objects for Windows API in N/W environments Is printing supported in Beta ? Is the Mjolner System 5.0 really free? live from hungary 3490 long integer? lXm: No such file or directory ! Make Money surfing the net! URL Submissions tools! 2161 Making new pushbuttons at runtime Manuals/ hypertexts/ internet/ CD writing MB_YESNOCANCEL, MB_YESNO, MB_RETRYCANCEL ... Mjølner and BETA at OOPSLA'99 Modal windows not modal under Solaris? Networking ... New Site about East Timor Newbie looking for the BETA book People Needed! PINGME32 BETA pisci Pixmap under Windows 9x Problem with %getByte Problems under Solaris Problems with adjusting text! problems with processes Problems with Slackware 2.0.36 procedure call Reboot Windows via BETA? REGEXP not doing anything! Sell your expertise or buy your answers Setting up BETA 4.1 under SuSe Linux 6 Simple The Best !!! Size of executables snd.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _sndPlaySound sound cards cd roms ETC 25063 Spam Free ? 4812 Speeding up BETA Static vs dynamic linking Straight boys getting rammed 1242 test Test your Beans in Beta Text to Hex The =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Mj=F8lner?= System release 5.0 available for free download The Art of Computer Mindmaking The Fastest way to prepare for a successful IT career! The Mjølner System release 5.0 available for free download TOOLS Europe '99 Conference TOOLS USA '99 - Conference Program & Registration Information Transparency in bitmaps (nti) ? URGENT! WINTESLA NEEDED SOFTWARE FOR NOKIA MOBILE PHONES URGENT! Using persistent stores and Arraycontainer Virtual attribute gives Seg Fault when accessed from pattern ref What leads to "Surrounding object damaged!" Windows without titlebars in Windows? Your well being is in your hands 3357 [2/2] _____FAQ for this NEWSGROUP_____ 7425
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