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Welcome to the WWW home page for the object-oriented BETA programming language. The home page contains information on the BETA language and its environments. The material is gathered from many sources, and will be augmented with as much public information as possible. If you wish to supply material for this page, or would like us to make links to some of your material, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please notice that the BETA projects are currently inactive, and these pages are not being maintained!

The BETA Programming Language

Materials that describe the BETA Programming Language:

The Mjølner System

The development system for BETA called "The Mj°lner System" is described, and can be downloaded for free from here:


Information on books related to the Mj°lner System and the BETA language:


Current Research Projects

This section contains links to research projects on different aspects of BETA. This section is under construction, and you are invited to contribute to this list by sending us your URL plus a 2-3 lines description of your project.


This section contains links to papers on different aspects of BETA, as well as a preliminary reference list.

The Mjølner System at DAIMI

Teaching Experiences

Frequently Asked Questions


Related to the BETA language and the Mjølner System, a specific newsgroup is available. To give you access to all previous communications on this newsgroup, we are maintaining an archive of all newspostings on this newsgroup. In addition, you may find interesting postings in the general newsgroup for object oriented technology.

Public Domain

Information on software etc., related to the BETA language:

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Related Information

For more information on object-oriented technology, take a look at:


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