The Mjølner System: Public Domain

This page contains information on Public Domain software etc., related to the BETA language.

The BETA Language Definition

The BETA language definition is in the public domain. A formal language definition does not exist, but all parts of the language are described in
Ole Lehrmann Madsen, Birger Møller-Pedersen, Kristen Nygaard:
"Object-Oriented Programming in the BETA Programming Language"
Addison-Wesley and ACM Press, 1993
ISBN 0-201-62430-3
The book can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format from books.html#betabook.

Free Download of The Mjølner System

The Mjølner System is available for free download from It is not in the Public Domain, but is restricted by the Mjølner System Licence Aggreement.

Public Domain Compilers

Erik Ernst has created the language gbeta and a compiler for it.
gbeta is a generalization of the programming language BETA. You can download a compiler/interpreter for gbeta, and the source code of this implementation is freely available under the GPL license.
More at

Kai Petzke has earlier initiated a project for writing a freeware compiler for BETA. It was implemented as a translator of BETA to C. For more information and to download a working copy of the compiler, that understands most of BETA's grammatical terms, see the web page: (no longer present).


BetaGUI is a small Windows 95 and Windows NT application, that combines an easy-to-use editor screen as well as a powerful controlling mechanism for the Mjølner System itself. Now you somehow feel like coding BETA in a Delphi environment.

BetaGUI offers the following to its user:

Download your version of BetaGUI (no longer present).

Send bugreports and suggestion for improvements to one of the following e-mail addresses: Jens Georg or Marc Hoffmann.

BetaGUI for the Mjølner System is created using Borland Delphi.

(c) 1997 Jens Georg & Marc Hoffmann, elite!developments.