Presentations and articles

Different parts of this project has been presented at various occations. Here you will find the materials from these presentations.

JAOO 2002

An early status of the project was given by Ole Lehrmann Madsen September 16th 2002 at JAOO 2002. The presentation (PDF):

DAIMI-Posten 2003

An article by Peter Andersen (in danish) in the local Computer Science Department magazine, describing the project (PDF):

eclipse Technology eXchange 2004

The article was accepted at 2nd eclipse Technology eXchange workshop (eTX) . It will later be published by ENTCS.

A presentation was given by Mads Enevoldsen and Peter Andersen march 30 in Barcelona, Spain:

The demo program used in the presentation is:

Microsoft Research Academic Days Oslo 2004

The .NET and ROTOR relevant parts of the project was presented at Microsoft Research Academic Days, Oslo, 20-22 April 2004 . The presentation was given by Peter Andersen on april 21st.
The presentation as well as source code for programs used in the presentation is available as a from the Microsoft Research site.

Microsoft Research Rotor Presentation Day, June 16 2004

Presentation given by Peter Andersen at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK, briefly describing the work we have done so far, and the work we are going to do in the Rotor RFP2 project, with the emphasis on the possibilities for introducing direct dupport for Simula-style coroutines in the CLR:

Microsoft Research SSCLI RFP II Capstone Workshop 2005

The was given given at Microsoft Research SSCLI RFP II Capstone Workshop 2005 september 19-22 2005 in Redmond.
The current status of the system (especially the bootstrapped compiler) was described. Furthermore some related work on coroutine in the PalCom Project was described.
The slides contain an working example of coroutines implemented in C# using threads and monitors. The source code to these can be found in the