Reflection in a Statically Typed and Object Oriented Language - A Meta-Level Interface for BETA - Abstract

Søren Brandt
Computer Science Department, Aarhus University
Ny Munkegade, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark


This technical report is concerned with issues of type safe and type orthogonal computational reflection in a statically typed, object oriented, and block structured programming language. The main new contributions is the design of a comprehensive meta-level interface for a statically typed language, the introduction of more flexible typing constraints for BETA than currently possible, and the description of a novel language construct, the attribute reference. The BETA type system is made more flexible through a generalisation of the qualification concept, adding considerably to the expressive power of BETA, but without adding new syntax. Existing BETA already includes types as first-class values, through the concept of dynamic pattern references. With the advent of attribute references, attributes are turned into first-class language citizens as well, allowing type-safe computed attribute access. On top of the generalised qualification concept and the concept of attribute references, a comprehensive meta-level interface to the BETA language is described, along with a number of example uses. Finally, a meta-level architecture enabling the practical implementation of the MLI for a statically typed language is outlined.

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