The BETA book - Source Code

The BETA book:
O. Lehrmann Madsen, B. Møller-Pedersen, K. Nygaard
Object Oriented Programming in the BETA Programming Language
ISBN 0-201-62430-3, Addison Wesley, June 1993
is an introduction to object-oriented programming in the BETA programming language. The book contains many BETA code examples. In order to help you try out these examples, we have gathered these code fragments into a file. This fine contains all the non-trivial code examples from the book. The code have been copied literally into the file, and only obvious syntag errors have been removed. Semantic and logical errors might remain in the code - either due to faults in the book, or due to the faults deliberately being in the code, as described in the text of the book.

You can view the code, or you can fetch the code to your local file system.