Installation Guide and Platform Specific Issues

Mjølner Informatics Report
MIA 99-36
February 2002

1 Installation Guide for PC's running Windows NT / 95 / 98 / 2000
1.1 Minimum Requirements
1.2 Installation
1.2.1 Installing an SDK Installing the Microsoft Win32SDK Installing the Gnu Win32SDK
1.2.2 Run the Setup program
1.2.3 Notes
1.2.4 Set up Environment Variables
1.3 Windows Specific Issues
1.3.1 Using Windows Resource Files
1.3.2 Calling External Functions
1.3.3 Linking without Console
1.4 Additional Information for the Windows Implementation
1.4.1 Limitations for the Windows Implementation
2 Installation guide for UNIX workstations
2.1 Requirements
2.1.1 Sun workstations
2.1.2 Silicon Graphics workstations
2.1.3 HP workstations
2.1.4 PC's running Linux
2.2 Installation
2.3 UNIX Specific Issues
2.3.2 Dialogs
2.3.3 Scripts in $BETALIB/bin
2.3.4 UNIX man pages
2.4 Additional Information for Linux
2.4.1 Quick Guide to installation on Linux
2.4.2 Motif on Linux
2.4.3 LibXp on Linux
2.5 Additional Information for SGI IRIX
2.5.1 Limitations on SGI IRIX
2.6 Additional Information for SPARC Solaris
2.6.1 Limitations on SPARC Solaris
2.7 Additional Information for HP-PA HP-UX
2.7.1 Limitations on HP-PA HP-UX
3 Installation guide for Power Macintosh
3.1 The Mjølner System on Macintosh
3.1.1 MPW
3.2 Requirements
3.3 Installation
3.3.1 Unpack Configuring the Files
3.4 Macintosh Specific Issues
3.4.1 Using MPW - Macintosh Programmers Workshop The ß Menu Application and Tool Free Download of MPW CodeWarrior MPW Additional Configuration for CodeWarrior MPW
3.4.2 Getting started on Macintosh
3.4.3 Memory Requirements Memory Requirements to MPW Shell BETA Application Memory Requirements
3.4.4 Errors and Configuration Memory Allocation Errors Virus detectors Problems with Memory Directories in Fragments
3.4.5 Accessing the Macintosh Toolbox from BETA BETA extensions to the Toolbox
3.4.6 Adding Resources to Applications built with the BETA Compiler
3.5 Additional Information for Macintosh
3.5.1 Limitations for Macintosh
4 Miscellaneous
4.1 Environment Variables
4.1.1 Windows Specific Environment Variables Automatic Setting of Environment Variables
4.1.2 UNIX specific Environment Variables LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Silicon Graphics
4.1.3 Macintosh Specific Environment Variables
4.2 Using the GNU Emacs Editor
4.2.1 Adding the BETA menu
4.2.2 Other useful thing to hook in
4.3 Documentation on the World Wide Web
4.3.1 Introductory material
4.4 The comp.lang.beta Newsgroup
4.5 Error Reports
4.6 Legal Notice
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Installation Guide and Platform Specific Issues
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