2 Installation guide for UNIX workstations

2.1 Requirements

2.1.1 Sun workstations

2.1.2 Silicon Graphics workstations

2.1.3 HP workstations

2.1.4 PC's running Linux

2.2 Installation

If you are using a Linux machine and are in a hurry, see

The easiest way to install the system is to place it in /usr/local/lib/beta, but it can be placed anywhere (see below). The location of the BETA system in your file directory is in the following referred to as $BETALIB. By default $BETALIB is /usr/local/lib/beta.

  1. Uncompress and untar the system:
    On your CD, or in the download area, in the directory for your version of Unix you will find a file called system.tar.Z or system.tar.gz and a number of other compressed tar-files.

    Create and change to your beta directory:

    mkdir /usr/local/lib/beta
    cd /usr/local/lib/beta
    Each of the compressed files should now be unpacked; use either
    uncompress system.tar.Z 
    tar -xvf system.tar
    or (if zcat is available)
    zcat < system.tar.Z | tar -xvf -
    On Linux systems (or elsewhere, if GNU tar is available) use:
    tar -xzvf system.tar.gz
    Repeat this for the other archive files too.
  2. Include $BETALIB/bin in your search path and set the BETALIB environment variable to point to the top directory of your BETA installation. Csh or tcsh users do this by including
    setenv BETALIB /usr/local/lib/beta
    set path=($path $BETALIB/bin)
    in, e.g., .login file [2]. Bash or sh users put
    export BETALIB
    export PATH
    in their .profile file or in the global /etc/profile file. See also the section on environment variables.

2.3 UNIX Specific Issues


On sgi, LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be set to point to $BETALIB/lib/sgi in order to run programs generated using the Mjølner System.

2.3.2 Dialogs

If you use the window manager (TV)TWM, you can enable automatic placement of dialogs etc. by including the following in your .twmrc file:

UsePPosition "non-zero"

2.3.3 Scripts in $BETALIB/bin

The scripts located in $BETALIB/bin use an internal script to perform some tests for e.g. machine type. This script is placed in


If you have a very special installation, it may be necessary to modify the env.sh script according to your system. If the $BETALIB is not set, env.sh sets it to /usr/local/lib/beta.

2.3.4 UNIX man pages

Standard UNIX manual pages for the tools in the Mjølner System are placed in $BETALIB/man/man1. To include these in the search path of the man program, either include $BETALIB/man/ in your MANPATH environment variable, or have your system administrator copy the files in $BETALIB/man/man1 to the directory containing local manual pages (usually /usr/man/manl).

2.4 Additional Information for Linux

For more information about BETA on Linux see the BETA FAQ: https://beta.cs.au.dk/doc/faq/beta-language-faq.html#SectionVIII

2.4.1 Quick Guide to installation on Linux

If you are in a hurry, the following commands should be enough to install the Mj°lner System on your RedHat 6.2 based machine. Some parameters may need to be adjusted. If any of the following commands fail to work for you, you will have to read the rest of this document in order to find out what went wrong:

su -
  export BETALIB=/usr/local/lib/beta
  mkdir $BETALIB
  for filename in $cdrom/linux/*.tar.gz
   echo $filename
   tar -xzf $filename
  rpm -i $cdrom/utils/linux/openmotif/openmotif-2.1.30-2_ICS.i386.rpm
  rpm -i $cdrom/utils/linux/openmotif/openmotif-devel-2.1.30-2_ICS.i386.rpm
  echo 'BETALIB='$BETALIB &gt; /etc/profile
  echo 'export BETALIB' &gt; /etc/profile
  echo 'PATH=$PATH:$BETALIB/bin' &gt;&gt; /etc/profile
  echo 'export PATH &gt;&gt; /etc/profile
  for name in /home/*/.login
   echo setenv BETALIB $BETALIB &gt; $name
   echo 'set path = ( $path $BETALIB/bin )' &gt;&gt; $name

2.4.2 Motif on Linux

If you are running Linux, then Motif may not be installed on your machine. The necessary files are in the utils/linux area on the Mj°lner System CD or in the download area.

2.4.3 LibXp on Linux

If you are running RedHat Linux then you already have libXp, the X PixMap library, installed, but on other flavours of Linux you may have to install it separately. On Debian for example you need to install the packages 'xpm4g' and 'xpm4g-dev'.

2.5 Additional Information for SGI IRIX

2.5.1 Limitations on SGI IRIX

See the BETA FAQ: https://beta.cs.au.dk/doc/faq/beta-language-faq.html#SectionIX

2.6 Additional Information for SPARC Solaris

2.6.1 Limitations on SPARC Solaris

See the BETA FAQ: https://beta.cs.au.dk/doc/faq/beta-language-faq.html#SectionX

2.7 Additional Information for HP-PA HP-UX

2.7.1 Limitations on HP-PA HP-UX

See the BETA FAQ: https://beta.cs.au.dk/doc/faq/beta-language-faq.html#SectionVII

[1] Motif is not required to compile simple programs, but programs using the platform independent GUI libraries as well as the graphical tools require motif
[2] Remember to do a rehash if you source your .login file manually

Installation Guide and Platform Specific Issues
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