1 Bifrost Reference Manual

This report presents the library available in the Mjølner System for programming applications in the Bifrost Graphics System. Bifrost is an interactive object oriented device independent graphics system, and is the result of a master thesis work as described in [Bifrost 92].

The above mentioned report describes graphics in general using a taxonomy for graphics systems, and explains why Bifrost is designed as it is. The report also includes documentation of the implementation.

This manual starts with an introduction in Chapter 2, followed by a chapter describing necessary mathematical concepts.

Chapters 4 to 8 describe the basic concepts of the Bifrost imaging model - shape, paint, graphical object, picture and canvas, respectively.

Chapter 9 introduces a series of objects defined as an assistance for the user of Bifrost. The objects define various shapes and graphical objects in common use. After the basic concepts have been defined, chapter 10 describes how Bifrost implements interaction on display devices that support interactive input and output.

Chapter 11 describes of how to save pictures in files, and later reloading them from files.

Bifrost is currently implemented as a library for Lidskjalv; this is further explained in chapter 12.

Finally a complete set of interface descriptions for all of Bifrost is presented. This includes all patterns available, and their enter and exit parameters.

This manual is primarily a reference manual, that is, it is not recommended to try to learn how to use Bifrost from reading this manual from one end to another. Instead the reader should consult the Bifrost Tutorial [MIA 91-19], which contains a stepwise introduction to the most important parts of Bifrost.

The Bifrost Graphics System - Reference Manual
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