The Metaprogramming System - Reference Manual

Mjølner Informatics Report
MIA 91-14
February 2002

1 The Metaprogramming System
2 Introduction to Context-Free Grammers
2.1 Structured Context-Free Grammars
2.1.1 Example of Structured Context-Free Grammar
3 The Tree Level
4 The Context-Free Level
4.1 The Structure of the Context-free Level Interface
4.2 Example of Structured Context-Free Grammar, cont.
4.3 Using the Context-Free Level
5 The Semantic Level
6 The Fragment System Interface
7 Generating a Metaprogramming Interface
7.1 Constructing a Grammar
7.1.1 The Fragment Part
7.1.2 The Naming Part
7.1.3 The Options Part
7.1.4 The Rules Part
7.1.5 The Attributes Part
7.1.6 An Example Grammar
7.2 Generating the Grammar-Based Information
7.2.1 Generating the Metaprogramming Interface
7.2.2 Generating Parser and Parser Tables
7.2.3 Generating Pretty-printer Specification
7.2.4 Generating Pretty-printer Specification Tables
7.2.5 Generating the Grammar-based Information Easily
7.2.6 Registering the new grammar
7.2.7 Using the Pretty-printer and the Hyper-structure Editor
7.2.8 Modifying the Pretty-print Specification
7.3 The Pretty-print Algorithm
7.4 The Pretty-print Specification
7.5 An Example of Modifying the Pretty-print Specification
7.6 Format of Source Files
8 Fragment and AST Properties
9 The Metaprogramming System Libraries
10 Appendix A: The Metagrammar
11 Appendix B: The Pretty-print Specification Grammar
12 Appendix C: Expression Grammar Example
12.1 The Expression Grammar
12.2 The Expression Pretty-Print Grammar
12.3 The Expression Context-Free Level Interface
12.4 The Expression Semantic Level Interface
12.5 The Expression Evaluator Program
13 Interface Descriptions
13.1 Astlevel Interface
13.2 Findgrammar Interface
13.3 Fragmentscanner Interface
13.4 Grammarinit Interface
13.5 Metagrammarcfl Interface
13.6 Metagramsematt Interface
13.7 Notifications Interface
13.8 Observer Interface
13.9 Property Interface
13.10 Propertycfl Interface
13.11 Propertyparser Interface
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The Metaprogramming System - Reference Manual
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