The Mjølner System: Persistent Objects

The persistence library makes it easy to store objects created during a program execution and later retrieve these objects from another program.

Type orthogonal

The persistence implementation is type orthogonal. Any BETA object may be saved in a persistent store. The only restriction is that the current implementation does not support persistence of component object, i.e. threads cannot be persistent.

Reachability based

The persistence model is based on reachability:

Lazy fetch

It may be inefficient to read a large collection of objects to memory. When using the lazy fetch mechanism, only a few pages are transferred to memory at a time. When the program access an object not in memory, a trap mechanism will automatically read the object from the disc. The use of lazy fetch is transparent to the programmer, who does not have to deal with low-level details.

Platform independence

Persistence objects created on one platform can be freely interchanged with applications on other platforms.

More Information

For further information, see
Mjølner System: Persistence - Reference Manual.