12.1 BifrostCanvas and Lidskjalv Canvas

Both Lidskjalv and Bifrost have a Canvas concept. The Lidskjalv Canvas is designed as a sort of 'container' for WindowItems. In this respect it resembles the Bifrost Canvas, which can be thought of as a sort of 'container' for graphical objects.

The current implementation of Canvas in Bifrost is named BifrostCanvas, and it is a specialization of the Canvas pattern in Lidskjalv. This means that you can combine Bifrost graphics and Lidskjalv window items in a BifrostCanvas.

It is being discussed to rename the Lidskjalv Canvas pattern to another name with a slightly less 'graphical' flavor, and to re-rename the BifrostCanvas to Canvas as in the previous non-Lidskjalv based Bifrost implementations.

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