9.3 TextShape

A GraphicText composed by a
TextShape and a Paint:

Helvetica 12 point italic

The text shape can show a number of lines of text. A text shape is defined by the following attributes:

Where to place the baseline of the first line of theText
The name of the font used: One of Courier, Times, Helvetica
The style of the text: Either Plain, Italic or Bold
The size in points (1/72 inch) of the text drawn
Specifies if the text is to be underlined
Holds the characters of THIS(TextShape). I.e. it joins the text lines in theLines into one text, where newlines are inserted for line breaks.
Each text element in this list corresponds to one line of text in THIS(TextShape).
Number of Texts in theLines

A corresponding text graphical object (GraphicText) is defined with TextShape as the shape. GraphicText uses FillText of the Paint to draw itself (see Predefined Paint Operations).

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