1 Introduction

This document contains material to be used by lecturers, who are involved in the preparation of courses using the Mjølner System. The intended audience of this material is Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. level students.

The course material is presented in the form of six Lecture Series involving the Mjølner System in different ways:

The Lecture Series are introduced by a general description, a list of topics, and a list of lectures. Each lecture is described by its topic, related readings, related examples, and possibly with additional notes. Any particular course should cover aspects of the first three Lecture Series.

The first Lectures Series focus primarily on the BETA language, and should be accompanied with lectures from the third series of lectures, which contains lectures on the different tools in the Mjølner System such as the compiler, the debugger and the editor. Furthermore, lectures from the second series should be covered since they focus on programming in the large (i.e. issues for modularization of large programs and exception handling. The fourth Lecture Series focus on the tools of the Mjølner System and should be covered, if the students are expected to produce major assignments in the BETA language. The last Lecture Series deals with issues specific for user interface programming using the platform-independent user interface framework.

You will find enclosed a number of assignments to be used for the courses. You will also find enclosed a number of project descriptions that are intended to be used for major course assignments or separate student projects. Finally, you will find enclosed a list of books, manuals, etc. to be used during the lectures.

Teaching Package
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