8.4 Project III: Vehicle Registration Office

This project deals with the development of a system for handling the registration of vehicles at the central vehicle registration office.

The register must be able to register different types of vehicles, such as cars, busses, trucks, motorbikes, etc. For each vehicle type, relevant properties such as registration number, owner, weight, cargo, number of passengers, tax, etc. must be registered.

The user of the register must be able to make the following operations:

It is to be expected, that the user may pose additional requirements for functionality, and the design must be prepared of such requests.

The design should argue for the choice of phenomena. The design should also give arguments for the measurable properties and transformations considered for each phenomena. There should also be a discussion of the concepts used for organising the phenomena.

8.4.1 Remarks:

It is not expected that this project will result in a full-fledged vehicle registration system. It is part of the project to restrict the project properly and to make the more informal parts of the project formulation precise.

The design of the system should cover all important aspects of the project. Restrictions must be stated precisely. The implementation should also cover all important aspects. It should be relatively easy to add missing functionality (e.g. without making major changes in the program).

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