7 Heap Info Library

The Heap Info Library gives the programmer access to information about the memory heaps of the program. BETA programs uses 3 different heaps:

The library defines two patterns, getHeapInfo and PrintHeapUsage.

PrintHeapUsage prints information on heap usage on standard output. It is used like this:

NAME 'MyProgram'
INCLUDE '~beta/sysutils/heapinfo'
PROGRAM: descriptor
do ...
   'Heap Info at program point a'->PrintHeapUsage;

getHeapInfo gives access to the individual data. The use is like this:

Program 2: Getting Heap Informations

(# ioasize:@integer;
do HeapInfoIOASize->getHeapInfo->ioasize;
   'my IOA-size is %d\n'
     ->putformat(# do ioasize->d #);

The argument to getHeapInfo is predefined constants. getHeapInfo evaluates to an integer. The library defines the following constants to be used with getHeapInfo:

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