3.9.3 Categories of Errors

At the concrete level of error callbacks, errors are categorized according to classes of operating system level error messages.

The list of names used for concrete error callbacks and a short description of the corresponding class of operating system level error is as follows:

Error callback nameMeaning
accessError insufficient access rights
addressError address (i.e. (host,port)) in use or invalid
badMsgError (EBADMSG, hardly documented in man page)
connBrokenError connection has become unusable
eosError unexpected end-of-stream
getHostError error when getting hostname
internalError should not happen; please report if it does!
intrError operation interrupted by signal
refusedError connection refused by peer
resourceError too few file descriptors/buffers etc.
timedOut specified timeout period has expired
timedOutInTransfertimed out, and some data have been transferred
unknownError OS reports unknown errno (new OS?)
usageError e.g. you must initialize port before connecting

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