1.1 The betaenv Library

When programming in BETA, the basic BETA environment betaenv is utilized. This chapter describes how to use the facilities in betaenv.

Betaenv contains several attributes that are used in any BETA program. That is, each BETA program must have betaenv in its origin path.

The patterns in betaenv are divided into several different categories such as character patterns, integer patterns, boolean patterns, control patterns, input/output patterns, stream and exception patterns.

The first section of this chapter describes how betaenv is used in general, while the subsequent sections concern the individual patterns.

1.1.1 Mj°lner System Version

The mbs_version.bet library implements a few operations which can be used in BETA programs to test the actual release number of the Mj°lner System. See the interface files for details.

1.1.2 Backward compatability

This version of betaenv contains a few important changes, which are not backward compatible. The most important are:


To ease the process of porting your code, we have included a small fragment called betaenvold.bet containing these obsolite facilities.

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