9 The systemEnv Libraries

The systemEnv libraries define the experimental concurrency system for BETA. The systemEnv libraries contain five closely related libraries: basicsystemenv.bet, systemenv.bet, and timehandler.bet.

9.1 basicsystemenv

The basicsyst emenv.bet fragment contains the core of the concurrency system, and is the prime fragment for information on the concurrency facilities.

9.2 systemenv

The systemenv.bet fragment is to be used if the concurrency is to be used in a program that is not using any graphical user interface system, such as the X Window System. Systemenv.bet does not define any new attributes at all.

9.3 timehandler

The timehandler.bet fragment contains facilities for setting timers in the form of objects to be executed when a given time period have elapsed.

The rest of the chapter will only describe the basicsystemenv.bet fragments. For details on the use of the other fragments, please see the documentation in the interface descriptions.

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