8 The directory Library

The directory library defines the directory pattern that is the interface into file directories in a hierarchical file system. Directory is an abstract pattern, specifying the machine independent attributes of such directories. Specific subpatterns: exists for the different machine types such as UNIX and Macintosh (unixDirectory, respectively macDirectory, see later).

Similar to file, the attributes of directory are divided into two parts: the disk entry attributes and the directory related attributes. The disk entry attributes are located in the entry attribute of directory, whereas the directory related attributes are ordinary attributes of directory .

The disk entry attributes of directory are the same as for file, and will therefore not be discussed here (see previous chapter).

8.1 Directory attributes

The directory related attributes are: entry, name, touch, delete, createFile, deleteFile, createDir, deleteDir, noOfEntries, empty, findEntry, and scanEntries. Directory also defines the following exceptions: entryExistException, dirScanException, dirSearchException, noSuchException, and notFoundException.

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